The Museum of Liverpool is visited by Year 6 pupils and staff.

7th November 2016

On the 11th of November, Year 6 took a trip out to ‘The Museum of Liverpool’ and had a tour of the quaint Albert Dock. On the trip, we had two workshops each: ‘Gateway to the World’ and ‘Liverpool – the history of the city’. Listening carefully, we learnt a plethora of facts about our wonderful city, Liverpool. Did you know that the Museum of Liverpool is built over the old Manchester Dock? Year 6 were lucky enough to have two lovely women tour guides which were loaded with amazing facts about our outstanding city.

After our visit to the museum, we strolled along the picturesque Albert Dock and observed all of the boats which have ported into Liverpool. Furthermore, we admired all of the galleries and museums which surround the dock area.

Once returning to the bus, we enjoyed the sights of the intricate Anglican Cathedral, the modern Metropolitan Cathedral and the ancient St. George’s Hall.

By Grace, Hannah, Chloe and Mia

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