The Super Stone Age!

8th November 2018

Year 3 had a fantastic time looking at artefacts from the Stone Age! Professor John Hill, from the University of Liverpool, came to visit us with lots of different artefacts. He told us all about Liverpool during the Stone Age. We learned that Liverpool was covered with a thick layer of ice and people settled here after this had thawed. When the ice melted there was a lot of grass and mammoths roamed around what is now Liverpool. The first people came as they were hunting the mammoth and were hunter gatherers. Mammoth needed so much grass to eat – enough to cover Orrell Park ten times!

The first tribe in Liverpool had fifty people. They ate nuts, berries, fruits and animals. They used plants and berries for medicine and were helped by the medicine man or woman. Families would sit by the fire and rub stones together to make them sharp to use as stone axes. Soon people discovered that if you rub iron and flint together it makes a spark and soon they could use fires! We had a go at rubbing flint with a piece of iron and we made sparks!

As the Stone Age moved towards the Bronze Age people discovered that metal could be useful. They made bronze using nine parts of copper to one part of tin. We learned that the early people also kept their food fresh by burying it in the ground!

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