Trip to 2000 years ago

17th February 2017

On Thursday 9th February year 4 adventured to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester. Suddenly, a large bang was heard and we discovered that a tire had burst on the coach. After a long wait for a new bus we finally arrived in Chester. We were promptly split into two groups. One went on a march around the city whilst the other went on a guided tour of the museum. Each class took it in turns to march around Chester, led by a real Roman legion member. We even learnt some Latin! We marched all the way to the Roman amphitheatre and witnessed a gladiator fight (which involved the teachers!)
The museum was full of the wonders of the Roman world. We learnt all about the Roman bath houses, the fortress, the army and how the Romans used different items for medicine. We also experienced what a real archaeological dig site looked like. It was a fantastic day and the children really enjoyed it!

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