Vets 4 Pets

19th October 2016

Today we visited Vets 4 Pets as part of our Science topic ‘Animals including Humans’. We had a tour around the different parts of the busy surgery and learned what each room is used for. We got to see all the important equipment that the vets use and we got to see how the x-ray machine works. We even had the chance to see real x-rays, including an x-ray of a snake that had swallowed a golf ball! We also had a special visitor named ‘Paulo the snake’ that came in especially for us. Have a look at the photographs below and see if you can spot him. We want to thank all the lovely staff at Vets 4 Pets for a great trip.


Flu Vaccination – 4th November 2016

Just a little reminder that Friday 4th November is flu vaccination day for Year 1, 2 and 3 children. Please make sure that you have completed the form if you haven’t already done so. The form must be completed even if you do not want your child to have the vaccine.

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