Visit from the Fire Brigade

3rd November 2016

Tuesday 2nd November 2016
Today we were visited by the Fire Brigade. Obviously, it is getting close to Bonfire Night (5th November) and they wanted to share with us very important advice regarding so that we can enjoy the fireworks but, most importantly, make sure that we are keeping ourselves safe.
On behalf of each year, the School Councillors would like to share with you their top tips for staying safe this Bonfire Night.
Year 2
1. Always stand far back, away from the bonfire and fireworks.
2. Let the grown-ups set off the fireworks.
3. Never go near the bonfire.
Sophie-Leigh, Amy, Aaron and Alfie
Year 3
1. Make sure that you stay with an adult.
2. Always wear gloves when holding a sparkler.
3. Keep pets and animals inside.
4. If somebody is lighting a bonfire, stand well back.
5. Stay inside if you don’t like fireworks.
6. Wear ear muffs if you don’t like loud noises.

Faye, Freddie, Lee and Ella
Year 4
1. Only go to a firework display or watch fireworks with people you trust.
2. Whenever adults are settling off a fire, they must do it quickly.
3. Never go back to a firework.
4. Never wear baggy clothes.

Lily-Mae, Liam, Reece and Sophie
Year 5
1. Hold sparklers at arm’s length.
2. Do not throw anything (especially fireworks or gas) on to a bonfire.
3. If you can, go to an organised display: it is safer than having fireworks in the garden.

Robyn and Josh
Year 6
1. Make sure you are wearing thick clothes – if possible made of fire resistant materials.
2. If you have pets, keep them inside with the doors and windows locked. Play music for them.
3. Have a bucket of water ready so that used sparklers can be disposed of safely.
4. If an adult is setting off fireworks in the garden, place it in a bottle so that it doesn’t get stuck in the ground and explode.
Phoebe, Hannah and Liam
Two Firework Facts
• Rockets can travel as fast as a formula one car.
• A sparkler is as hot as lava.
Phoebe and Naomi

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