Week 30th January - 3rd February 2017

2nd February 2017

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The children have been very busy singing lots of nursery rhymes this week- 32 in total ready for our nursery rhyme sing-a-long. We have handed out the sponsor forms this week, so if you haven’t received one please let us know. Details about the ICAN charity and Chatterbox Challenge can be found on the EYFS Newsletter to the right of this page.

Our Mystery carpet topic this week was linked to the nursery rhyme rub-a-dub-dub looking at floating and sinking using a variety of different objects and containers. The children were fascinated by which containers held the most water and the different objects they thought would sink that floated and vice versa.

As part of our topic the children have been looking at Incy Wincy Spider’s drain pipes. They have been on a tour of the school’s drain pipes and created their own drain pipes looking to see how they work. It took a lot of team work and thought process to join the drain pipes which led to lots of questioning and reasoning skills.

If you haven’t yet seen our class dragon created by the children (on display in the nursery) which was made as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations then please come in and take a look. The children worked very hard creating the colourful masterpiece, before using it to lead a parade around the nursery classroom to authentic Chinese music.

We had our nursery rhyme stay and play session on Thursday inviting parent/carers to create a 3D model of a nursery rhyme drawn from a hat! Once again we would like to thank all the parent/carers that continue to come along and join in with all the sessions the nursery provide. A display of all your lovely creations will be on show in the nursery, so come and take a look!

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