Week 9th-13th January 2017

12th January 2017

This week we have been sharing our favourite nursery rhymes in preparation for our Chatterbox Challenge. We have lots of talented children singing their favourite rhymes and showing us the actions. The children have also been very busy creating their own nursery rhyme jigsaws to take home, lots of brilliant scissor control!

We have also been very busy creating wonderful pieces of art for our Winter Wonderland display. If you would like to add to our display with any photographs you have taken or picture you have drawn, then please bring them in.

On Thursday we will be making some delicious snowmen biscuits in our Little Chef’s Kitchen and with snow forecast the children might be able to make their own snowmen!


Winter Trail

The children went on a walk around the nursery outdoor classroom discovering how the changes in the weather impacted on our outdoor environment. They were able to spot lots of interesting things including how the weather had frozen the water in the buckets trapping nursery objects, leaves and twigs. How would they get them out? They found lots of frost covering the grass, plants and bark and answered questions such as ‘When will the grass turn back to green?’

We love to explore and discover in nursery and find out lots of information about the world around us. If you do any exploring at home then please share your news in your chatty time books and we will share all your wonderful facts every Wednesday.


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