World Maths Day

19th October 2017

To celebrate World Maths Day, four Year 6 pupils were invited to Goodison Park to take part in a maths competition. There were nine schools competing including our school (Longmoor CPS).

The first game we had to play was Kahoot. We had to answer the questions as fast as we could to win. Unfortunately, we were not quick enough to win however, we did come in third place and we were able to get every question right!

The next activity was called “Higher or lower”. In this activity, a teacher from each school stood with a playing card and we had to predict if we thought the value of the following card was higher or lower than the first. Following the games, we had a maths activity called A Millionaire. There were questions on the board and we had to get the answer correct each time to get to 1 million pounds. Fortunately, we got every question right so we became millionaires! After the last activity, our points were calculated and the winning team was announced. Unfortunately, we were not the winners but were proud to come 3rd place out of 9 schools. We all thoroughly enjoyed our morning and would like to thank the staff at Everton for inviting us along.

Year 6 children

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