Y5 - No Pens Day

5th October 2016

Today was ‘No Pens Wednesday’ and as part of our commitment to universal communication, we put our pens and pencils to one side and accessed our learning in a different way.

For English, we continued our theme of persuasive writing/media by exploring the visual and verbal form of persuasion, specifically advertisements and sales pitches. After deciding what elements were necessary, we worked in groups to ‘sell’ a product to the other members of our year-group. Mrs. Leonard and Mr. Rimmer were very impressed, and safe to say that Mrs. Molyneux and Mrs. Woods were first in line to buy our products!

We then explored 3D shapes and shape-based problem solving in Maths, focussing on creating real-life objects that showed our understanding, and the use of Tan Grams – we had lots of fun!

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