Year 3’s teeth EGGS-periment!

19th December 2016


Last week, as part of our work on teeth, Year 3 planned and carried out an investigation into the effects of different liquids on our teeth. We decided that we would use eggs to represent our teeth in the experiment as we know that the shell of an egg is very similar to the enamel that coats our teeth.

We looked at what independent variables we could change during our experiment and decided that we would change the type of liquid that the egg was put into each time. We would then be able to observe how the colour and state of egg shell would change depending on what liquid it was put into. We made sure that we kept the volume of each liquid that we used (50ml), the time that we left the eggs in the liquid for (72 hours) and the size of the egg the same to ensure that our experiment was a fair test.

The different liquids that we used were; coke, vinegar, milk, water and juice. We each made predictions about which liquids we thought would discolour the egg shell and which would protect it. When we looked at the results of experiment we found that the vinegar and coke were the worst liquids for our teeth as they turned the egg shell a brown/black colour. We could see the change in colour as we brushed the eggshell with a tooth brush. The milk and water did not change the colour of the egg shell at all so we know that milk must be good for our teeth.

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