Year 3's Visit to Crosby Beach

12th May 2017


On Thursday, Year 3 went on a trip to Crosby beach. We went because for the last half term, we have been studying Anthony Gormley. So who is Antony Gormley? Antony Gormley is probably the best known sculptor in Britain today. He began working on sculptures in 1973 and was knighted in 2014. Gormley likes creating sculptures that look like a human figure. We went to Crosby beach to visit the ‘Another Place’ sculptures. Another Place features 100 cast iron figures in the shape of Gormley himself. They spread out 3 kilometres along the beach and 1 kilometre out to sea. We learnt that these statues were supposed to represent man’s relationship with nature.

We discussed what Another Place meant to us, here are some of the ideas ‘The statues might be looking out to other statues on other islands.’, ‘The statues might be looking out to the sea wondering what lies beyond the sea.’ and ‘The iron men could be protecting us, watching the sea for any dangers.’

On our trip to the beach we were able to look at and touch the iron men up close. Faye thought that when she touched the iron men, she thought they felt rusty, broken and rough. After we had felt the texture of the statues, some of Year 3 were able to sketch them in detail.

We had a fantastic day at Crosby beach! Some of our favourite parts were when the boys and girls had a sand castle competition! When a group of us did races along the beach and we thought it was funny when the tide started to come in and we had to rush off to save our lunches! What a disaster!

Year 3 would recommend a visit to Crosby beach to anyone who is interested in art and would like to see the amazing sculptures. During assembly we all reflected on how lucky we are to have these amazing sculptures in our city and what Another Place means to us.

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