Year 4 Assembly - Chinese New Year

6th February 2017

On Friday 3rd February, we delivered an assembly to the rest of the school all about Chinese New Year.  We included all the interesting facts that we have learnt about Chinese traditions and celebrations.  We got the chance to show off some of our art work including the animals from the Chinese zodiac and the Chinese arch way that is in Liverpool City centre.  Did you know this is the largest arch outside of China?

We also spoke about how the Chinese zodiac came about and that the Jade Emperor decided there should be a race between 13 animals. The first 12 animals to cross the river would have a year named after them.

Everybody felt so excited (and a bit nervous) when the crowd walked into the hall to the Chinese music that we had chosen. We hope everyone enjoyed our assembly as much as we did performing it.

By Ryan and Layla

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