Year 6 investigate series and parallel circuits.

13th March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018

To celebrate British Science Week and its theme ‘exploration and discovery’, Year 6 investigated how to build various circuits, allowing some  components to work and others to be controlled by switches by using series and parallel circuits.

We discussed how Christmas tree lights used to be wired using a series circuit but this caused annoyance to people as when one light bulb broke, the others didn’t work either. Therefore you had to work out which light bulb caused the problem in the beginning. This is due to the circuit being broken by the faulty light which means that electricity cannot pass through the circuit.

Thankfully, Christmas tree lights are now mainly wired in a parallel circuit. So if one light bulb breaks, the other light bulbs will work as the current has several paths to travel.

In groups, we had different challenges to solve. We had to discover which circuits worked best and why (series or parallel).

Mrs Hamilton and Miss Monaghan

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