• #ProudOfOurPupils #ProudOfOurSchool

    • Longmoor Community Primary School is more than a school – it’s a welcoming and inclusive learning community.
    • Aiming High

      We believe that every child in our care should be given the opportunity to excel. Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, articulate and independent learners who are empowered to succeed.

    • Engaged

      We provide a stimulating and enriching curriculum that engages pupils and fires their imaginations. They persevere when they meet a challenge and see mistakes as learning opportunities.

    • Articulate

      Pupils are encouraged to find their own voice. They are confident to express their own views, whilst respecting those of others.

    • Independent

      Longmoor children make their own decisions about their learning, take responsibility for their own behaviour and take pride in completing their work to a high standard.

  • Our Classes

    • Nursery
      • Teacher
        Mrs. Gough
      • Sessions
        AM & PM
    • Reception
      • Class 1
        Mrs. Vaughan
      • Class 2
        Miss Reardon
    • Year One
      • Class 3
        Mr. Rawlings
      • Class 4
        Mr. Thompson
    • Year Two
      • Class 5
        Miss McGee
      • Class 6
        Mrs. Rigby
    • Year Three
      • Class 7
        Mrs. Haynes
      • Class 8
        Miss Moffatt
    • Year Four
      • Class 9
        Miss Bill
      • Class 10
        Miss Dryhurst
    • Year Five
      • Class 11
        Miss Kelly
      • Class 12
        Mr. Rimmer
    • Year Six
      • Class 13
        Miss Monaghan
      • Class 14
        Mrs. Hamilton
  • What's Happening in School?

  • Diary

    19th December 2018
    • School Choir at Aintree Hospital & Grace Lodge
      19th December 2018 |

    • Christmas Party Day
      19th December 2018 |

    20th December 2018
    • School Closes for Christmas
      20th December 2018 |

    21st December 2018
    • Autumn 2nd Half Term
      21st December 2018-6th January 2019 @  |

    22nd December 2018
    • Autumn 2nd Half Term
      21st December 2018-6th January 2019 @  |

    23rd December 2018
    • Autumn 2nd Half Term
      21st December 2018-6th January 2019 @  |

  • Tweets


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    Longmoor CPS

    We love welcoming visitors into school - headteachers from Xi’an, China, met our wonderful pupils and saw the high-… t.co/cjIwyQpO6Z

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    Longmoor CPS

    Another beautiful song from the Longmoor Choir performing for the delegation from Xi’an Jiaotong University affilia… t.co/4QQG2vGI16

    Longmoor CPS's Twitter avatar
    Longmoor CPS

    Our choir were performing again today for our visitors from China. How could they not be impressed with this amazin… t.co/5GmeD5GFzO

    Longmoor CPS's Twitter avatar
    Longmoor CPS

    Headteachers from China were very impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of our pupils in all their activitie… t.co/uK6LngWPmc

  • School News

  • About Our School

  • School Mission

    At Longmoor Community Primary School we are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment in which children are challenged to achieve their full potential.
    • Curriculum

      Read about our innovative and engaging curriculum.

    • SEN & Inclusion

      Care and education tailored to the needs of every child.

    • Policies

      See all school policies and procedures.

    • Keeping Safe

      Safeguarding advice for parents.

  • LCTV: Longmoor Life

    View our latest news broadcast here!
  • Contact Us

    Our postal address and contact details
    • Postal Address

      Hall Lane
      L9 0EU

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 0151 521 5511
      Fax: 0151 521 5171

    • Office Hours

      Monday – Friday
      8.00am – 4.30pm

    • Contact

      The named member of staff for public information is Mrs. S. McLoughlin.